Special Lydian Singers Trinidad and Tobago features

Major Works by The Lydians

Operas, Masses, Requiems and more performed by The Lydians.

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Achievements and Awards

On the road to excellence the Lydians have received many accolades: Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival Achievements, National awards and more.

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The Lydians Steel Orchestra

In 1995 marked a historic step for the Lydians and Trinidad and Tobago on the whole, when the Lydian Steel became the first steelband to accompany an entire opera.

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Special Events

An evening of poetry and choral music.

On Sunday 28th April 2019 at 5:0 p.m. the Abbey of Our Lady of Exile at Mount St. Benedict will once more be the backdrop of the Lydians annual concert series, 'Lydians on the Mount', this edition entitled, 'O Rejoice!'

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The Lydians' "Godmother" has died: Bishop Anstey High School Principal, Stephanie Shurland

The Lydians wish condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of former Bishop Anstey High School Principal, Stephanie Shurland, and to all Hilarians around the world in this time of mourning.

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The Lydians start 2019....in the East!

a Benefit Concert for the Tunapuna Methodist Church entitled, Uplifted Concert - A Musical Elevation, featuring the Lydians and other musical performers!


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